Side by side with the social side, MJDM offers solution with the latest technology to meet the communication needs of companies and institutions in an increasingly competitive market..

We offer our customers a dedicated service, through which several couriers are placed to operate exclusively for the client and this is guaranteed to always have their courier service assured, without having to worry about the unforeseen that arise from this activity.

We provide air cargo dispatch services to all provinces of Mozambique and various parts of the world, collecting and delivering your cargo at destination, safely and quickly. Other services:

  • Delivery of Correspondence and Collection Service in Banks, registries and public offices
  • Dedicated Relays
  • Freight and freight orders in Airports and air transport services
  • Materials handling (mining equipment, chemicals and related sundries)
  • Cargo strapping services
  • Reception and dispatch of goods
  • Local collections and deliveries to various warehouses
  • Logistics Consulting

Why Us?

  • Attractive profitability
  • Qualified management team
  • Flexible service

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Creating solutions to bring the world closer.


MJDM is a new and youth company in the Mozambican market, and it has a history of 2 years of dedication and commitment to bring Mozambicans and the world closer. And always compromising in a strategic partnership with local and international companies, creating solutions that approach and help to communicate.

Our Contacts

Telphone: +258 84 016 5497

Av. Tomas Nduda,
1050 R/C